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Tax Planning Letter

Dear Clients and Friends,

Time slips away so quickly that it’s not surprising it’s time for year-end tax planning once again. And once again Congress has spent the year talking about tax simplification but has done little to achieve that goal.…

Affordable Health Care Act

Dear Clients and Friends:

Under the Affordable Health Care Act, certain employers will be required to provide employees with a “Notice to Employees of Coverage Options under Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA)” by October 1, 2013.…

FDIC Insurance Coverage Basics

We recommend all clients keep their total deposits at any one bank below the insurance limits.

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IRS Delays Tax Return Filings

The IRS has delayed the filing of certain tax return forms until mid February to early March. Please visit the IRS link below for the list of affected forms.

Professional Excellence & Integrity

In today’s business climate, business people need competent professional advice that enables them to make good decisions.

Bergey & Company understands the challenges of managing a business; navigating governmental regulation and taxation, managing people & resources, succession planning, & preserving wealth and well-being for following generations.

We provide tax and advisory services to businesses like yours to meet these challenges.  And we do so with professional excellence and integrity, so that you can feel confident that these matters are in good hands, and then focus on enjoying work and enjoying life.

From Our Customers:

“To Whom It May Concern:

This is to inform you that Amanda Kiesewetter and  Bergey and Company (Jay Bergey) have handled my personal returns and my business returns for over 10 years and my association with Mr. Bergey dates back at least 30 years.

Amanda and Jay have a high degree of familiarity with Real Estate taxation as well as the nuances of ownership through different forms of real estate partnerships, Tenant in Common investment vehicles, LLC’s, etc.

I feel that you would be in good hands trusting your accounting and taxation issues to Amanda as she is very bright and conscientious. Additionally, Bergey and Company has an active and ongoing exposure to real estate management, development, consultation and taxation and compares favorably to other companies in regards to their services for clients with large real estate portfolios. They are also able to bring specific consultants to task if requested by their clients to deal with development, design, legal and tax planning needs.

Respectfully Submitted,”

Chuck Shorley
Ocean City, MD.